Institution had participated in the development of complex project "Modernization of the railway infrastructure of the East Siberian railway by increasing its carrying capacity". The goal of this project was the modernization and development of railway infrastructure in order to achieve its transport capacity increase by 2020.
As part of this work the following tasks were carried out by our Company:

  • Arrangement of the second track with the development of the adjacent stations.
  • Arrangements of passing loops.
  • Reconstruction of two stations with construction of the gravity hump yard on one of them.
  • Construction of a new railway junction.;
  • Extension and construction of 33 pipes and 92 bridges.;
  • Arrangement of the three-span metal bridge over the Lena river, with a total length of 352 m.;
  • Replacement of the existing relay electric interlocking system by a modern microprocessor-based interlocking of type «EBILock950».;
  • On newly opened road posts microprocessor-based interlocking system of type «EBILock950» has been designed.;
  • Modernization of the existing railway infrastructure.

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