Engineering structures department

The main motto of the department is the development of high-quality documentation in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and standards.

The department staff consists of qualified professionals, including a Candidate of Science (Engineering). 


Key focus areas of our department:

  • Development of documentation for construction, renovation and major repairs of the engineering structures;
  • Pre-design inspection of engineering structures to identify defects, their causes and remedies;
  • Inspection and testing of engineering structures both as a separate item of work and with further development  of the design and estimate documentation.

Major objectives of the department:

  • Development of engineering documentation related to the design of engineering structures for the railway and motor transport, and pedestrian zones;
  • Inspection of the engineering structures, including bridges, overpasses and tunnels, on railways and motor roads.

We perform the full-scope work at various stages, ranging from the feasibility studies for construction to the detailed design with further support in construction.

Specialists of the department have carried out design, inspection and pre-design work in many countries around the world, including Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Armenia, Guinea, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.