Ecology and hydrology department

The department's activity is the integrated study of components of the environment (the study of local hydrometeorological and ecological conditions), as well as the development of design solutions to prevent or minimize the potential negative impacts arising from the construction and operation of facilities.

Major objectives comprise:

  • Ecological engineering surveying;
  • Hydrometeorological engineering surveying;
  • Elaboration of mitigation measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • Environmental and economic assessment of design solutions.

Hydrometeorological engineering survey provides a comprehensive study of local hydrometeorological conditions and a forecast of possible changes in these conditions due to an interaction with the facility.


Ecological engineering survey provides a study of the current ecological state of separate components of the environment, and of the ecosystem as a whole, their resistance to technological impacts, and their reproductive capacity.

The main tasks of the hydrometeorological engineering survey are: water resources assessment, obtaining the necessary and sufficient material and data to adopt reasonable design solutions, including the selection of a construction facility location and engineering protection against the impacts of adverse weather, as well as the determination of conditions for further safe operation of structures.

The main tasks of the ecological engineering survey are: analysis of the current state of natural constituents (soils, atmospheric air, subsurface and surface waters, etc.), development of a tentative forecast of possible adverse changes in the natural environment and technosphere, and development of proposals and recommendations for the prevention and mitigation of adverse effects which are required for further development of design solutions.

When carrying out an environmental impact assessment, we consider environmental safety issues relating to the planned economic activity.

The main purpose of the development of this discipline is an impact assessment of the adopted design solutions for the construction and operation of facilities, an estimation of efficiency of the engineering solutions and measures to eliminate (mitigate) potential negative effects on the environment and human health.

This discipline provides design solutions with the elements of environmental regulation to be taken into account in the implementation and monitoring of the planned activity.

In our design work we use certified software and equipment which allow to carry out high performance survey work in a quality manner.