Electrification and power supply department

Specialists of the department comprising two overhead system teams and two power supply teams participate in condition surveys of all designed objects, carry out field supervision of the construction and electrical installation works.

Specialists of the department carry out a full range of works for the transport, industrial and civil construction facilities, as follows:

  • Electric power supply and electrification of new and renovated railway sections;
  • External power supply and internal electrical installation for the industrial, service, maintenance, office and residential buildings.

Young professionals and staff with extensive experience work in the department. Such cooperation allows, on the one hand, to do the job with a creative approach, activity, search for unusual and innovative solutions, and on the other hand, to solve tasks, based on the experience gained with reliable and time-tested knowledge. Design of electric power supply and electrification systems is carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, standards, codes of practice and other documents containing specified requirements. In the design stage, special attention is paid to compliance with the requirements for electrical safety.

The main areas of the department design activity are:

  •  Arrangement of overhead systems for new and renovated railway sections.
  • Rearrangement of overhead systems in the points of intersection with engineering structures.
  • Longitudinal power supply system for non-traction railway consumers.
  • Air and cable power lines with a voltage of up to 35 kV, as well as points of intersection with the engineering structures and natural obstacles for the power lines of up to 220 kV.
  • Indoor and outdoor transformer substations with a voltage of up to 35 kV;
  • Exterior lighting for the railway and industrial facilities, urban areas, motor roads and overpasses.
  • Heating of turnout switches.
  • Remote control and telecontrol of overhead system, two-wire-rail line, longitudinal electric power supply, automatic block signal system isolating switches and automatic reclosing control equipment.
  • Power equipment and interior lighting for process automation of the industrial, service, maintenance, office and residential buildings.
  • Lightning protection and grounding for the transformer substations, power lines, industrial, area maintenance, administrative and residential buildings and structures and.calculations of:
    - normal operating parameters of overhead contact line, for selection of equipment.
    - consumer loads.
    - interior and exterior lighting.
    - settings of protective relays.
    - strengthening of electrical networks for selection of the required equipment (power and measuring transformers, switching equipment, etc.).
    - normal and emergency operating conditions for the zone between substations, and other calculations.

The professionalism of our staff, the project development based on the latest scientific and technological achievements and advanced domestic and foreign design experience, the use of modern electrical equipment, energy-saving technologies and application software, as well as performing calculations of various degree of complexity make it possible to turn out high-quality products in the shortest possible time.