Track and Stations Department

Track and Stations Department is a leading structural subdivision of our Company. 

Its major objective is the development of key design solutions for railway infrastructure facilities.


The main activities of the department in the field of transport infrastructure design:

1. Railway lines, tracks and stations:

- New railway lines

- Additional main tracks on the existing railway lines;

- Arrangement of tracks at stations and junctions;

- External and internal tracks of industrial plants;

- New rail crossings and renovation of the existing ones.

2. Passenger service facilities

- Passenger platforms, perrons and pedestrian under- and overpasses.

3. Municipal transport infrastructure facilities

- Tramway tracks.

4. Design of retaining structures

5. Facilities for construction needs

- Rail coupling bases;

- Rotational camps;

- Freight yards.

The major objective of the department is the development of documentation for:

  • Construction of new general- and special-purpose railway lines, approach lines to industrial plants;
  • Construction of secondary railway tracks;
  • Renovation of the existing sections of railways and separate approach lines with track laying;
  • Renovation of the railway roadbed, including custom design under severe engineering, climatic and geotechnical conditions.

Specialists of the department perform the following works:

1. Measuring and survey operations for the roadbed and track superstructure, as well as for the associated railway infrastructure;

2. Design of horizontal and vertical alignment of a line;

3. Design of track superstructure, including the structures without ballast bed;

4. Standard and custom design of roadbed for severe environment, including areas with high seismic activity, severe engineering, climatic and geotechnical conditions, as well as the permafrost zone;

5. Design of water intercepting and drainage facilities;

6. Engineering protection of areas and structures against geological hazards;

6. Stabilization of a landfall mass, and arrangement of retaining walls;

7. Stabilization of slopes, rockslides and landfalls;

8. Strengthening slopes at landfall-hazardous areas;

9. Design of reinforced ground retaining walls and retaining structures;

10. Roadbed stability analysis;

11. Field supervision of facilities construction;

12. Design review of railway transport linear facilities.

Automation of Work

In our design work we give special priority to the use of state-of-the-art technology, such as automation of the design work and workflow.

The design of horizontal and vertical alignment, and transverse profiles is carried out on the basis of a digital terrain model with Autodesk Civil 3D software, which allows to consider and develop a variety of routes in a shorter time.

Roadbed stability analysis is carried out with the use of GEO5 geotechnical software.

Specialists of the department are focused on the advanced resource-saving state-of-the-art technology for railway track construction, repair and maintenance, as well as on the adoption of effective solutions in their design work for construction, renovation and overhaul of railway infrastructure facilities.