Message from the Director

Dear Partners and Customers,

DESIGN INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE LTD (IPIT LTD) is one of the largest Ukrainian design and survey institutes making rapid progress in its business.

The primary goal of our professional team is to provide an efficient development of complete top-quality documents in strict compliance with all the requirements of current legislative acts and regulations, including those related to environmental legislation, preservation of historical monuments and cultural sites, safe operation of facilities, reliability control and life support of structures.

Our institute has developed multi-purpose projects (approved by the State expert review boards) for renovation and construction of motor roads and railways of hundreds kilometres long.

Using innovative design techniques, our team of professionals perform works in a high-quality manner, which allows us to take a leading position in designing the transport infrastructure facilities, and to qualify for the segment of design market in Europe and other countries.

I would like to invite you to a mutually advantageous cooperation with DESIGN INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.


Sergey Balesnyi

Director of IPIT LTD