The complex of activities concerning North Caucasus Railway objects survey, design and projects were accomplished by the Institut.

Surveys for the second track construction on the reconstructed sections of the railway line had included engineering and surveying, geotechnical and engineering hydro meteorological investigations.

Project and working documentation was designed for the construction of the second track, that provides (includes):

  • railway stations and other discrete items reconstruction were made, as well as reconstruction of the existing railway lines. Individual design subgrade was made on sections of embankments on insufficiently solid foundation holds;
  • reconstruction of the existing railway crossings were accomplished by retrofit them into protected once;
  • construction of artificial engineering structures was succeeded for designed second paths: culverts, small, medium and large bridges, pedestrian bridges and overpasses;
  • train and station radio communication, information systems, operational and technological forms of communication modernization was made by launching digital transmission systems using fiber-optic communication lines. Systems of fire alarm designed facilities were developed;
  • electrification of the second track on alternating current with a voltage of 27.5 kV was managed;
  • electricity for not traction consumers was established, outdoor station lighting, reconstruction of crossings and planned buildings, reconstruction of electric networks of other organizations were implemented;
  • construction of buildings and structures to ensure the normal functioning of the automation systems and communication systems were accomplished, power supply and electrification, for passengers, for loading and unloading, for personnel, to ensure fire safety and civil defense were developed.

While preparing to the XXII Olympic winter games 2014 preparation, the staff of the Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd  Institution has fulfilled and created survey and design activities for project construction of transport infrastructure. 

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