Construction organization plans department

The department develops disciplines "Construction Organization Plan" (COP) and "Organization Plan for Work on Demolition (Dismantling) of Linear Permanent Construction Facilities" (DOP) as part of the design documentation for the facilities and complexes, incorporating the cutting-edge technical and technological innovations for the performance of civil and special works.

COP is a mandatory document for the Customer and the company engaged in construction and development of the site work execution program.

The Construction Organization Plan includes:

  • construction schedule, based on the general organizational and technological diagram, showing the sequence and periods for the construction of buildings, structures, start-up complexes and for the mobilization work, with a breakdown of capital expenditures and scope of construction and installation work by stages and times;
  • right-of-way project showing the location of permanent buildings, temporary buildings, railways and motor roads, utilities, warehouses and assembly cranes, industrial base facilities, as well as existing structures and those subject to demolition;
  • organizational and technological diagrams for construction of main facilities, and description of construction and installation work. Guidelines for the performance of work in wintertime, and a list of the main types of work, which require drawing up of a hidden work act.

In the development of COP, we apply progressive forms and methods of the construction and process management organization and planning; take into account the standard construction periods; provide the timely preparation of construction facilities to achieve rated capacity; use process technologies to ensure the required level of construction quality.

Our specialists, with their field experience both in construction and operation, ensure focusing of all the organizational, technical and process solutions to achieve a final result, on-time commissioning of a facility with the required quality.