Moscow Railway is one of the key projects of Moscow transport infrastructure modernization. The implementation of complex investment project "Reconstruction and development of the Moscow railway. Organization of passenger railway traffic" played the great importance in creating a new transport exchange complex in Moscow, providing a high level of passenger service quality. This project included reconstruction of existing and design as well as construction of new railway lines, man-made artificial structures, the electrification of the ring, and the construction of railway infrastructure buildings.

The reconstruction project provided more than 30 transport hubs and stopping points creation, half of which presuppose to be integrated with the underground stations, 9 stations would overlap with the existing railway lines leading to the city center and to the region that might increase the usability and convenience of regional transport. All created transport interchange nodes supposed to integrate with the city by road. The total length of the road was 54 km.

As a result of the project implementation citizens of a city would have more than 350 options on their disposal for moving around the city, it would significantly reduce the load on the central part of the city and increase the connection within the transport network in Moscow. All cargo and technological movement would be transmitted to the recently constructed third way.
Moscow railway reconstruction is designed to give new impulses not only to the development of industrial zones in the center of Moscow, but also to solve many traffic problems.

Institution contributed significantly to the design of the mentioned object. So, we had projected and designed track development for 4 spans and 3 railway stations, electrification and power supply for 5 spans and 6 train stations, reconstruction of artificial structures, the construction of new buildings and structures.

Photos of object