Technical Department

According to the approved development program, the main activities of the Institute are aimed at achieving the highest level of product quality, the compliance with international standards, and ensuring maximum efficiency of work processes.

Our department has developed and implemented a quality management system certified for compliance with the ISO 9000 family of international standards.

Employees of the department introduce the cutting-edge design technologies, including 3D design with the use of the latest global achievements in this field, in the production departments of the Institute.

Our specialists have created a unified information space of the enterprise, and implemented the electronic document and engineering data management system, allowing to organize a new-level electronic archive of technical documentation, and thus to provide the up-to-date concepts of team work on the projects.

The Institute employees are members of Ukrainian public organization "Guild of Designers in Construction" (VUGIP).

The National Business Rating according to the results of financial and economic analysis of activity of Ukrainian enterprises in 2011 and 2014, our Institute has been awarded "Gold" as per the total points in 4 nominated categories of financial and economic activity.

Our department settles the following issues:

- establishing and improving the quality requirements for technical solutions by individual disciplines (parts) of the design documentation in order to implement the Institute engineering policy in the design of facilities;

- quality control of the design work performed, check of the adopted design solutions and compliance with the established norms, regulations, guidelines, standards and other documents;

- study and generalization of the domestic and foreign experience in design and construction, the scientific and technological achievements, and facilitating their application in design practice;

- participating, as appropriate, in coordination and protection of design solutions in the approving authorities and expert organizations;

- preparation of proposals for revision of the existing regulatory documents on design, construction and operation of facilities;

- control of the execution of decisions of the technical committees and meetings;

- working out of staff development plans (external training), technical and economic training plans (internal training);

- participating in organization of internal training in the production departments of the company;

- participating in the development of a quality management system, ensuring control of the quality management system implementation;

- analysis of the proposals and comments for the individual documents (components), and for the quality management system as a whole; preparation of proposals for the company's management team on improving the quality management system;

- registration and storage of the company regulations on standardization, and introduction of changes therein;

- registration and storage of the developed and issued  design documentation and typical projects;

- registration and storage of scientific and technical literature.

Key focus areas:

- Provision of licenses for all design works;

- Provision of a complete set of technical standard documentation (design and estimate documentation);

- Regulatory review of the design and estimate documentation;

- Registration, recording and archiving of the originals and copies of the design and estimate documentation;

- Increasing the level of standardization and unification of projects;

- Organization of scientific and technical conferences and meetings, ensuring the participation of specialists of the Company on training courses, seminars and exhibitions.